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about montero...

Montero is an adventure activity meta-search engine that discovers and compares adventure activities in India and Nepal.

It works on a cost-per-click (CPC) business model. It also curates adventure trips into three different buckets : traveler's all-time favorites, hot deals & their categories.

Montero compares activities at two levels.
1. Compare the prices offered by different tour operators on an activity
2. Compare two different activities side by side

Montero is built to provide all necessary information about an adventure activity that will help you in planning & booking your adventure trip with much ease. It provides the most recent & trusted reviews about an activity from its partner organizations. Besides, it has a store section where you can shop the essential gear needed for your next adventure trip.


our search bar is our user onboarding


"First-time user experience is the most critical component of a product's flow."

At Montero, we believe that User onboarding is the process of increasing the likelihood that new users become successful when adopting our product.

Our goal is to evoke that positive feeling of accomplishment as early as possible. It's got to happen during the first visit.

We have designed our Onboarding based on 3 behavioral factors which are as follows:

1. Necessary motivation (that makes a user want to achieve a desired result)
2. Suitable ability (for the user to achieve that result)
3. Effective triggers (to prompt the user to undertake actions to achieve it)

The main Onboarding element of Montero is the Search Bar.


a simple workflow to find your next adventure activity

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montero style guide

Our brand, and how we use it.

This is the Montero style guide & design system. Here you'll read about our lovingly crafted brand, its graphics assets, as well as internal guidelines for using these various resources.

The goal of these guidelines is to prevent Montero from being used to trick or confuse anyone looking for official Montero resources, and to clarify how legitimate Montero-related businesses and projects can legally use them.

It consists of information on our logo, color, typography, photography and various UI elements that form the product.

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